ATM Productions

The "ATM" in ATM Productions doesn't stand for Anytime Teller Machine. It stands for All The Marbles, which is the philosophy and credo of ATM Productions. Everything done under the banner of ATM Productions is done like it's their last and only opportunity. No effort will be spared. We're playin' for keeps. This is the only shot, so it's gonna be good. We play for all the marbles. Nothing, ever, will be compromised.

L-R: Deborah Bekefi, John Snyder, Ray Bonétt and Stephanie Lusen in ATM Production's presentation of In God's Country.
ATM Productions IS Alan David Perkins (as a matter of fact, it's sometimes referred to as The Perkins Players). It was formed as a splinter from Theatre on a Limb (which, if you know your history, was a splinter of Developmental Stages). To date they've developed some scripts and went up with a presentation of Alan David Perkins's one-act play In God's Country at The Theatre-Studio, Inc. during the summer of 1998.

ATM is currently mounting their first all-out production of Nobody Knows I'm a Dog, which will be directed by the author. There's also a chance of a production of Rubber Duckies in a Row, directed by Elliott Raines.


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